“Hey I saw you downloaded our PDF.
What type of business are you in?”

That’s it.

That’s literally the template. I send it to all my new subscribers now.

There’s a twist, in how it gets presented though.

So, I’m guessing that you’re not getting thousands of leads each day. Maybe you are.

This can still work for you, but it’s exceptionally good for the people who are trying to figure out who their ideal customer is, and to build a mental picture of them.

The twist is in the context.

I’m guessing (hoping) that your email system has an option to email you when you get a new signup to your list?

When you start getting dozens of new emails each day you’ll probably turn it off, or set up some sort of daily summary to keep an eye on things.

Well, have you ever used one of them?

You know.  Actually reached out to whoever signed up to your list and tried to start a conversation.

Not a sales pitch, an actual conversation.

This is a perfect place. You’ve just been given their email, so use it.

But don’t, for God’s sake, start pitching them or asking cringe questions about “Whats the biggest problem in your business right now?”

Just be a human. Ask something that will give a steer on how they’re going to start to IMPLEMENT your advice.

Things I’ve uncovered from emails like this:

1) People in niches I hand’t thought of, but who I realised could use the exact same principles.

This gave me a whole new target audience for my ads.

2) People who were potentially completely wrong for the system, who I could cut out and point to someone else who I respect, in their niche.

These are the kind of people who can give you really bad reviews if you pitch to them indiscriminately.

3) People who were already on WAAY too high a level for the entry product, who I could tell about my 1:1 services before they got the idea I was teaching at a basic level.

All these would have been left untouched without this type of email.

If you’re only getting a few new names on your list each day, you can do this manually, just forward the notification email back to them.

The subject line should make sense to them. It’ll say something like :

FW: New download of [your lead magnet name] by [email protected]

That’s literally it.

It’s simple, but don’t let that dissuade you. It absolutely works.

OK, that’s all I have for you right now, but can I ask you for one last click as we’re now such good buddies?

I just want to know what you think of the series, and if there’s anything you struggled with, so I can keep improving it.

I’ve set up a quick feedback form. If there’s anything less than great about your experience, I’d like a chance to fix it right now.

If it’s been great for you, I’d love to know what bits were most useful so I can keep working those hard.

Here it is. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

c/o The Conversion Co., 2a The High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RY, United Kingdom
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