OK, just to recap our first email is gong to set up our “origin story” – the way we found out our way of doing things,

Also, remember we haven’t delivered the thing they signed up for just yet, so look out for that.

Here’s our welcome email that we’re going to break down.

Let’s go through it step by step

(1) Great stories don’t start with “once upon a time”

We start with drama, then backtrack.

I’ve picked the moment I get that sinking feeling that I’ve been doing things wrong, then I trace back to how I got there over the next few lines.

(2) Be explicit about what you’ve done wrong. Spell it out.

Your audience is pretty distracted so you have to get to this point quickly.

An origin story in email is not your life story. It’s just what you need to explain how you got to where you are.

(3) The problem in the market in general

Make it clear that you screwed up in the way that everyone screws up. Your audience should relate to this feeling.

This is all about rapport to this point. You’re on the same journey as them up to here.

(4) Start to spell out how you found the right path

In this case I had the answer inside me all the time. Like a lot f people I forgot what made me successful and stopped doing it.

I got comfortable where I was and stopped doing the things that actually made the till ring.

(5) This is where you talk about the “what you did”.

Don’t get too far into the how – that’s always where your offer comes in.

The “how” usually needs some theory, some examples and some steps to achieve it. If it’s simpler than that, it’s probably not an offer that people will pay for, they’ll just Google it for themsleves.

(6) & (7) These are “the new way of thinking about your problem”

These both say the same thing in a different way. They say that if you don’t sell , you risk confusing your customer about what you actually do.

Old way = give value for a long time and they will eventually buy.

New way = make an offer early so they understand what you can do for them in the most concise way possible.

I could have been mistaken as the “creating courses” guy but I’m not. I’m the “selling courses by email” guy.

I get to that quickly by making an offer that makes it clear what I do.

I need to make an effort for them to “unlearn” the old way though and I’ll do that in the next email.

(8) Deliver the lead magnet

In all this, don’t forget we didn’t give them their “free thing” yet.

Make sure they get it, and make it clear by putting it in the PS, where they’ll scroll to if they don’t see it soon enough.

If we’ve done a good job, they’ll want the next email in the series as well.


So, that’s our first email done. I’m sure you’re keen to see what happens in the next one.



Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

c/o The Conversion Co., 2a The High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RY, United Kingdom
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