Here’s the plan:

You’re going to get a total of 5 emails to model for your business.

For each one, I’ll send you a copy of our own email, marked up with numbers. In the accompanying email you’ll get a breakdown of what I’m doing and why.

The emails are as follows:
1) Opt-In Confirmation Email
2) First Dollar Welcome Series #1
3) First Dollar Welcome Series #2
4) First Dollar Welcome Series #3
5) The “Notify-Reply” email

Here’s a quick summary of what they all do:

The Opt-In Confirmation Email
This is a bit different from the usual double-opt-in sequence you’ll see from most email tools.

It’s designed to make sure as many of your emails as possible hit the inbox.

Doubling the response rates to your emails can be hard.

Making sure that twice as many get read is a lot easier.

**If there’s ever an easy route that gets the same results, take it.**

The First Dollar Welcome Series
This is a series of 3 emails that shift your readers from what they want, to the solution you know they need.

It is designed to break you away from the “yer, akshully I know that” and put you into a market of one, where you have far more chance of being the one chosen.

It’s intensive, so pay attention to these emails. This is where the magic lies.

The “Notify-Reply” email
This is a relatively new strategy, so you may not have seen our example of it yet.

It’s designed to open up your prospects to talk about their business. It’s ideal if:

1) You don’t have a higher priced offer yet and you need to have conversations to see what people need.


2) You do have a higher priced offer and you want to get sales conversations started.

Either way, it’s genius in its simplicity.

So, now you know what your getting, click this link to get it.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

c/o The Conversion Co., 2a The High Street, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RY, United Kingdom
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