“There is always a gap between intention and action”
— Paulo Coelho

It took me a while before I created any of my own products to sell.

Mostly I worked in agencies, behind the curtain of other brands, and then as a freelancer and consultant.

When I had to put my own name on a product, my head-trash said I wasn’t ready to charge for it yet. That self-talk kept me back for years, building other people’s fortunes.

My impulse was to create products that were loaded with everything I could possibly share with a client.

But it didn’t help me, and it was too much for any student to swallow as well.

Eventually I looked at the stack of courses that I’d actually bought and acted on and they were all really short.

Focus was the name of the game, so I created “Course of Action”

The idea is to get you to an outline of your course in a day, and another day to fill it in and launch as an ebook.

Get some feedback, build a list, gets some testimonials under your belt.

It contains:

  • A fill-in-the-blanks outline for an ebook, course, or workshop that will get your students to a tangible result in a minimum of time.
  • 3 techniques to get your readers to consume and act on your material.
  • A 1 hour webinar I gave to a private client team to test their idea before they wrote and filmed the rest of the content.
  • A 45 minute call with me to discuss your outline before you create any more content.

It goes away at 10PM UTC tonight, and it’ll be at least double the price when it comes back, plus the webinar will be a separate product.

Get Course of Action here


Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

If you don’t want this I’m assuming that you have a product already?

Reply to this email with a link to your landing page, and I can do some makeover videos next week.

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