So many questions about “Course of Action”, so here’s the ones that came up most often.

If I’ve not answered your question here, I’m working through the rest of them this morning.

First off. What’s in it?

“Course of Action” is a SHORT guide that will hand-hold you through the outline of a course that will:

  • engage your students
  • combat overwhelm
  • create momentum so students complete it, take action, and share their successes

It goes beyond the usual outline of how to organize your content, and gives you exact prompts within each lesson to keep your students moving to their goal.

How is this different from any other course about how to make courses?

Firstly, “Course of Action” isn’t about how to create a million-dollar-launch.

That’s a worthy goal, but it’s not how you should be starting.

If you’re already making a full-time living from selling courses, then you probably don’t need this guide (although it might prompt a couple of new ideas).

If you keep going in circles, trying to simplify a course, but then it grows like a hungry teenager and soaks up as much of your time and money. If that sounds familiar, you’re who I wrote this for.

The course outline included in the product is RIGID and COMPLETE. It gives you clear constraints so you know where to stop planning, and start filling in the blanks.

It lets you know when you should edit hard and move that extra knowledge into a second product.

This on it’s own is enough value to charge 10x for this product. If it sales you one day launching it’s paid for itself.

Why are we closing the product on Sunday?

I want to do a live Q&A webinar to answer your specific questions after a week. That gives enough time to read through “Course of Action” and have the first crack at your course outline.

I don’t want people showing up on that call who haven’t done the first bit of work, and who hold the rest of the group back.

I’ll work as hard as I know how, to get you a result, but I expect the same from you.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

PS If this was risk-free would you do it?

Remember what I said in my last email. If you can’t get a result from “Course of Action” inside 30 days, I’ll put in an extra 1:1 call. Then if it’s still not working at 60 Days I’ll refund you knowing we both did all we could.

Here’s what Ben, said about it. (Ben is a project manager who is creating courses for developers).

“Stephen talks about how ‘hard’ work is either complicated, or laborious, rarely both.

This wasn’t either.

The course outline took all the complexity out, and putting hard boundaries on the goal I was trying to achieve, took more than half of the labour out that I’d put into other courses.

A week after launch, the first indications are that the feedback is better than a course I did that was 4 times as long.”

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