I went from drawing the first face in this picture to the other, in 3 minutes.

I’ll tell you how in a moment, because you should be teaching something similar with your online products.

Right now, there are huge numbers of people trying to shift their education and training businesses online.

Consulting, workshops, mentoring, even schools and universities are all trying to shift.

It a short-term survival plan for most, but in the longer-term, some of these practices are going to stick.

Why would you travel all the way to another city and pay for a hotel to listen to someone talk for 2 days?

Why not listen on video and then spend a single day getting specific feedback?

This is just one of the realizations I had when I started creating training products that my clients could consume in their own time.

A lot of businesses are getting the tactical side sorted out.

They’re buying video cameras and signing up for plans on teaching platforms like Thinkific.

But they’re getting the principles totally wrong.

They’re basing all their training on theories from schools and universities.

Schools and universities measure of success by passing an exam, not getting a result in real life.

If you’re teaching to get someone through an exam, then that’s a worthy goal, but it’s not who I’m focusing on helping.

People who buy online courses are close to the end of their tether.¬†They’ve tried Google, YouTube, and even asking the collective opinions of Facebook.

It’s got them nowhere.

They need a result and they’re running out of time, maybe money too. They’ve had enough of conflicting advice and vague theory. They want action, structure and direction.

You need to show them you can get them a result, and fast.

This isn’t just about solving their problem though. Getting someone to take even a tiny action is the quickest way to motivate them.

Get them moving to take the next action in the sequence.

This was discovered over 100 years ago by Edward Thorndike, who called it the “law of effect”.

“Nothing happens consistently without something good happening once.”

Drug dealers know exactly how this works. They give the first hit for free, and the user is so happy with it that they crave more.

Your job is to be a drug dealer for positive purposes.

**Give the first hit for free.**

I’ll talk more about how to create actions from your customers tomorrow, but for now, here’s the Youtube video where I learned how to draw the cartoon at the top of this email.

You only need to watch 3 minutes, but look at the crowd’s faces as they share their work.

Have you ever seen happier customers?

Here’s the video:

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