If all marketers are liars, then your prospects are worse.

They're not bad people, they just want to be loved.If you're the one paying them attention you'll be the one they'll lie to.

Let me show you what I mean.

I once had the job of building an ecommerce store for one of the UK's biggest retail moguls. The man behind NEXT, the George in [email protected] and the man credited with “saving” Marks & Spencer.

Expectations were high.

The new brand drew on a lot of Italian heritage. So, ever the one for details, George thought it would be more authentic if we used centimetres rather than inches for the sizing.

I wasn't so sure, so when we got to testing the website on some real shoppers, I slipped in a couple of questions about the sizing.

A tall, elegant lady who was an avid online shopper was sat in front of the screen, trying to buy a pair of trousers. She seemed to stall at choosing the right length.

“What about the sizing? Do you know which one is yours?” asked the moderator.

“Yeah, it's fine.” she said, not actually making a choice.

“If you were looking for a pair of trousers in a shop, what would you look for. Centimeters or Inches?” he pressed further.

“I dunno, centimeters I think.” she replied, still staring at the choices, but still not moving.

“So what size would you look for to go with the shoes you are wearing today?”

“36 inches.”

I had my answer.

This is the heart of the real skill in research and feedback.

Watch what they do, ignore their recommendations.

You are the entrepreneur.
You are the expert in the solution.
Your customer is only expert in the problem.

Despite all the tools at our disposal, watching and communicating honestly with customers online is easier said than done.

But it's a skill you really need to develop. Without it, you'll never understand your prospect's problems.

Without understanding the problem, you'll never create an offer that they'll recognise as a solution.

Two other great minds, one writer, one industrialist, have said the same thing. I wrote about them on Facebook this week.

If you missed it it's here:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=231893387767614&set=a.178428059780814&type=3&permPage=1

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