[5DBYL 04] What happens when you don’t sell

  • Stephen Pratley

We’re near the end of this mini-series. Tomorrow will be a recap and a small reward for your attention.

Today though, we’re going to ask you to draw a line in the sand and tell your followers what you stand for.

There’s no better way to do that than to sell something.

I have a saying that “the best email lists come in through the checkout”.

There is absolutely a difference between people who buy and people who collect freebies. Even a $1 charge will make a massive difference to the people coming into your list, how much they engage and whether they’ll go on to buy form you in the future.

Yes, it will knock down your vanity numbers on the front end and you won’t be boasting about your huge 6 or 7 figure list for a while longer. But you’ll have the most important thing you can ever get form your audience.

No it’s not that $1

It’s their attention.

“People who pay, pay attention.”

I have no idea who said it, but when I paid attention to the advice it made a radical change to the rest of my business.

The “dollar deal” became a staple part of my offers. It was great way to get feedback from people who really mattered without burning goodwill.

A lot of experts I talk to have an abject fear of selling, as if it’ll destroy their credibility.

But at the same time they’re envious of people in their industries who have big reputations, get paid handsome fees for speaking, and even more for consulting.

When we look at these people, they rarely do anything more than say “Here , I have this thing that’ll help you with the problem you have.”

The “thing” is usually small, easy to buy and does a great job of positioning them as an expert.

And because people went through the excruciating pain of taking their wallet out of their pocket and typing their credit card details into a form, they pay attention.

A few pages in a PDF is all it takes if the information is useful.

I first tried it with a Twitter guide “Polish your Profile” and built a list of a few hundred users back when I had less than 1,000 followers.
Since then I’ve


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