[5DBYL 02] Keeping readers engaged

  • Stephen Pratley

“Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it”

― Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

Whatever you’re teaching, your students have seen it before, and passed it by.

It’s incredible what we push down our to-do list in favour of easy choices. Our health, relationships and our financial future all get bumped for a night on the sofa with Netflix.

Fortunately, you can use Netflix’s own methods against them.

Netflix brought us “binge-watching” on a scale we’d never seen before.

Sure we’d binged DVD box sets before, but that break to get up off the sofa made us look at our watches and decide that as we were up, we should probably keep moving towards our beds at last.

Netflix was effortless. The occasional click to confirm we were still awake is all they ask of us.

And this has an effect on how we make judgements.

The longer we pay attention to a subject, the more important we think it is.

So a big part of why “long form” content works is that it holds the prospect’s attention long enough for the importance to rise up in their minds and for them to finally take action.

Sneaky? Maybe.

Necessary? Absolutely. If we’re going to keep the flood of modern distractions away from our reader long enough to make them act, we need to beat Netflix, gaming and social media at their own game.

Just like I’ve been doing.

I don’t send welcome series like most other email lists.

I let you “binge watch” the series by clicking links and making progress.

You’re here, so this must work, right?

The moment when you get someone to sign up to your list is critical. You have their attention, and you need to hang on to it until they’re ready to take action.

Don’t leave it a day until the next email. Don’t leave it a week before you make them an offer. Keep them engaged.

Now this isn’t something that most email tools will do.

The two reasonably priced ones I’ve found that can cope with it are ActiveCampaign (what I use for this list) and I’ve seen people do it with ConvertKit as well.

Both these tools are cheaper than the likes of Mailchimp once you start using the feature so I’d encourage you to look at your current welcome sequence and give it a go.

Click here for a quick tutorial video of how to set it up in ActiveCampaign, and to get the next lesson sent right away.



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