[5DBYL 01] Skipping the hard parts

  • Stephen Pratley

OK, let’s get into the meat of this and start talking about what you’re going to teach your readers.

(If you didn’t watch the video from the last email, I suggest you do. It will save you months of wasted time and put you in the right frame of mind to create the content your list both wants and needs.)

Read that last sentence again.

“Want and need”. These are two different things.

A big trap, possibly the most common one I see from professional teachers & trainers, is turning your customers off by starting with the foundational work you think they need to succeed.

Did you ever learn a foreign language though?

What would get you most excited about learning a new language, knowing how to work out the past present and future tense of 100 verbs, or being able to order a round of drinks?

I thought so.

You need to get a quick win for your students, then once their motivation is up, take them back over the hard stuff.

Today’s lesson shows you how to do that, and how to pick the first thing you teach.

This is the kind of content you should use for your lead magnets and lowest-priced products.

Get the lesson here.

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