[5DBYL 00] Starting from scratch

  • Stephen Pratley

First off, thanks for signing up for this course on building your list while you build your next product.

It’s the first step in becoming pro in the info product business. Having a list so you can ask what they need, and sell it to them will beat any social media audence, any day.

I want to take a moment to step back to a time when I had no list and was starting from scratch, just like you might be right now.

It wasn’t all that¬† long ago.

When I got out of the ecommerce business I had to start again from zero, but there was one huge difference between info product marketing and ecommerce marketing that made it s much easier.

Here’s a quick 5 minute video that explains why.

This is a huge shift from how most people think about email marketing, and it really shows when you look at people who do this, vs people who don’t.

It won’t make your list grow any bigger, but it’ll have a massive effect on the response to your future efforts.

Watch the video. It’s just 5 minutes.

Stephen Pratley
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