It’s Friday, and we’re nowhere near done talking about list building!

I’m going to pull something together this weekend about a topic you can’t avoid when it comes to getting more email addresses into your funnel.

Landing pages.

There is an awful lot of BS talked about landing pages and their design, mostly by people selling pretty templates.

If you looked at the link to my Playstation offer earlier in the week you’ll see that you don’t need to be pretty.

But you DO need to give your visitors what they’re after.

How you do that depends a lot on what you’re trying to sell.

Landing pages come in (at least) three flavours.

If it’s an impulse purchase, a good product page will do the job.

Show & tell and give them a buy button.

If it needs a bit more explanation then a pre-sell page will give you the space to tell more of a story and allow you to reveal the product at the peak of the excitement.

This is a really useful conversion skill, but it’s still only for products that people will realistically buy on their first visit to your site.

The last one is the one we’re concerned with. It’s for where you have a product that will need some warming up to. Maybe even with a smaller purchase.

This type of page is where you aim isn’t to get a click, or a purchase, but to get email data ahead of anything else.

A solid opt-in page will give focus and make a radical difference to your list building efforts.

If you’re currently getting 1% of your homepage visitors turning into email subscribers, a good opt-in page will easily get that into the 10-20% range.

I have a new free offer starting next week that will show you how to build a really solid opt-in page.

It uses the rules I use when I start any new client project. It’s a solid base-line that I’ve tested again and again and only beaten in very unusual circumstances.

If you’re interested in getting it, just click this link and I’ll make sure you get the emails about it when they come out.
(Ignore what it says about the email being on its way. Just this once I have’t written them yet!)

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend, and I hope your list is making money for you while you do it.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

PS. For the tl;dr version:

Click this link and I’ll send you some free stuff about building excellent email opt-in pages next week.

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