My go-to landing age formula for new offers

If I had to pin down one period that really turned up my list building skills, it would be the last couple of years before I set up my agency.

I was in charge of an 7 figure ad budget for a single offer.

It was in a pretty low-end mass market niche as well which meant that traffic was cheap and plentiful and I got to test a LOT of landing pages.

Lots of them had free offer like prize-draws attached so there was a premium that changed on each landing page, but the core offer that sat behind it was the same.

With volume like that it only takes a couple of weeks to get results back on any test we ran, be it on a new incentive, new design layouts or on copy changes. We’d typically start a new test every week and have a rolling program.

Every test we would try 2 or 3 alternatives, which we’d split out like this:

  • Offer – what we were using to entice them in, or what we were offering once they’d joined
  • Copy & Images – tests on headlines, bullet points, adding in elements like trust logos or testimonials
  • Layouts – mainly trying to work out what were the most important elements to put above the fold

After a while, the layout and a few elements of the copy weren’t worth testing any more.

We’d get occasional wins with different images that would need us to shuffle other elements around, but in the main we had a set of page elements,, and where to put them, that we couldn’t easily improve on.

The tests that were more up and down were the copy and images, which we had to change for every offer.

But even here, there were a few patterns that we noticed.

What surprised me though was that these principles worked really well for any free offer.

When I sold my ecommerce agency and started focussing on training and education products, the same rules still applied.

A consistent set of elements on the page won out, and the order we put them in stayed pretty much similar as well.

I’ve pulled these elements together into a free guide. It talks about the layouts, and some formulas for the page copy that you can use to shortcut your efforts to build an email list from your social media traffic, and eventually from paid ads.

I’m giving away the landing page guide for free, here.

Getting a good landing page up is half the battle of building an online business.

A good landing page with a great free offer will build a list that’s immune to the ups and downs of social media.

Your email will consistently deliver more returns on both the money and TIME that you put into it.

I’ll have some other offers coming that explain how to turn that list into money, but for now it’s really important that you grasp these rules and start to put them into place.

Once you see them you’ll recognize the same techniques in place on other sites – at least ones that are driven by data rather than fashion.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.


There’s an offer at the end of the guide.

It’s for a landing page critique at a tiny fraction of the price I usually charge for them.

I’m trying to get some case studies from people who aren’t already experienced online marketers, so this will only be inĀ  place for as long as it takes to get a half dozen of them.

Here’s the free landing page guide.

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