Do you know how Black Friday got it’s name?

It’s the day when Christmas shopping started in earnest and retailers would finally go back “into the black” i.e. in profit.

Plenty or retailers run the year at a loss and pull it back in the last quarter.

It’s a sucky way to live, but if your year hasn’t been great then it’s nice to know that you can turn 9 months of losses into a win.

But you’ll only do it if you stick to the right habits throughout these last 3 months.

Over the years I’ve developed a few practices to help me keep focussed even amongst the carnage of homeschooling, neighbours doing renovations, sleepless nights with firs a kid, then a puppy.

The list goes on, and I’ve beaten them all.

I spent a small fortune on swanky looking journals and apps, and in the end I took the best bits out of each of them and made my own.

This year has been horrible for a lot of people, but we’re seeing progress and the milestone of the end of a quarter could be the “reset button” you’ve been looking for.

So, for one day only I’m offering you my Peak Performance System at over 75% off.

It includes 3 parts:

The daily planner

Complete with:

  • Goal assessment sheets to make sure you’re working on the right things
  • Daily planner sheets to make sure you’re allocating your time right
  • Weekly review sheets, so if you go off track, it won’t be for long

The kick-start meditation

OK, I was sceptical about this one too, but then I read Tim Ferris’ “Tools of Titans” and meditation came up in about every third interview.

Everyone from scientists to VC fund managers talked about how it helped them “get in the zone” and reach peak productivity faster.

This short meditation is an effective way to clear the clutter out of your head before you start working.

The focus soundtrack

Once you’re working, you need to keep your focus there.

This soundtrack is designed to do just that, using a technique called “binaural beats” that keeps the two hemispheres of the brain firing together in harmony.

It’s a lot more pleasant to listen to than any other one I’ve found as well.

I’ve seen apps charging a subscription for these kind of soundtracks, but you get it included in the price, and you can listen to it straight from your computer or even on the Gumroad app on your phone.

Together they form a system to help you work on the right things, get working quickly, and keep focussed through the most productive part of the day.

Get it here:

Reach your goals in Q4 with the Peak Performance System


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