Yesterday I talked about a failed attempt to build a business in the productivity niche.

I promised I’d tell you what I did to turn it around.

To recap, I thought people would want to know the deep knowledge I’d found about goal setting, but what they really want is a quick fix like a journal or a pill.

It’s an ugly truth of marketing.

Once you have someone’s attention, you can tell them what they need to know, but on day one you have to sell them what they want.

So don’t hate on the gym for selling “drop a dress-size” promotions.
You have no idea if they’re following up with good tips on long-term weight loss once you’re in.

So, how did I apply this?

Well after my first failure I wasn’t about to go through creating a new product again until I KNEW it was going to work.

Instead, I needed to tick a few boxes:

I needed a strategy that would:

– Build an email list
– Actually sell something
– Give me some feedback on what I could do to stand out in a crowded market.

These are usually “either/or” decisions.

“Either you sell, or you collect emails.”
“Either you sell your own product, or you sell other people’s.”
“If you’re not selling your own product, you don’t get the feedback.”

Set up right though, you can do all three of these.

One day while I was working on the conversion funnel for a client, I spotted an opportunity to collect a mountain of emails before we presented an offer.

I tested it and found we could do it without killing the number of people getting to see the offer.

We’d turned our email signup into an incentive, not a barrier.

I tried running this with an affiliate offer and bingo. I had a way to:

  1. Collect email addresses
  2. Sell an affiiate product that was close to what I was plannning to sell myself
  3. Get feedback (because I had email addresses) on people who bought, people who didn’t, and how to stand out with a product of my own.

This is just one of three list-building strategies that I’ve put in my course on building landing pages for email list building.

I’m opening it up today, and as you’re on this list I’m opening up with a one-day offer to buy the course for just $10.

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That includes free critique of your page once you’ve built it.

This is obviously a tonne of work for $10,  so I’ll be pulling a few days after the main launch next week.

You get first dibs if you buy today.

I’m only offering it at this price over this weekend, and I’ll be opening up the course to the world at large at full price next week, at which point there’s no way I can carry on running the free critique offer.

Find out how to build a profitable email list with “Superhero Landings” for just $10 today:

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

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