Building a profitable email list needs 3 things in place:

  1. An enticing low risk offer
  2. A landing page
  3. Traffic

It’s usually the last one that most people struggle with.

For the last couple of months I’ve been taking Twitter more seriously and feeding dozens of new names into my list every day.

I hired another guy who rebuilt a 10,000 follower account in under a month to help out, and here’s a quick summary of how it works:

  1. Tweet regularly, don’t use robot tactics if you want real followers.
  2. Engage like a real person. Find bigger accounts and add value to their tweets.
    Their followers will see you and check you out if you’re genuinely helpful.
  3. Make sure your Twitter profile is POLISHED and optimized for building your list.
    Your profile is the gateway between your non-sales tweets and your product.

It’s critical you get it right.

I’ve pulled the specifics together into a guide and I want a few people to check it out and tell me if it makes sense to you the first time you read it.

There’s a couple more sections to be added still, and you’ll get those as soon as they’re released.

This isn’t quite a freebie. I want people who are genuinely interested in growing thier email list so I’m putting in the smallets possible hurdle

You can get “Polish your Profile: The guide to optimizing your Twitter profile for list growth” here.

It’s just $1 for anyone already on my list.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.

PS I’ve hired the go-to guy for Twitter graphics to redo my profile header.

He’s going to be giving some design tips to add to the guide at which point I’ll be charging full price for the product.

If you get in now you’ll get the upgraded version for free, along with a new section on Pinned Tweets that’s being written right now.

Get it for $1 today

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