The last couple of weeks have been a bit mad, but I’ve not forgotten you.

First off, I’ve been working on the first of some guides to essential elements of online marketing.

The first one has taken a while. Actually it’s been more work than it should have been. I got wrapped up in a whole bunch of stuff about how to create these that was probably unnecessary.

I rediscovered Apple Pages which I’m quite liking at the moment, but it cost me a couple of days of emailing while I learned the inevitable pitfalls.

Lessons learned, and re-learned.

  • Every system has its holes
  • You won’t learn the holes without pushing the limits.
  • The output is always more important than the tools you use to create them.

Anyway, I’m happy with the first edition, it’s no masterpiece of design but that’s not the point.

It’s all about list building because without your own list, you can be pretty exposed.

In just the last week I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook shut down relatively harmless accounts.

These weren’t rabid political accounts like Alex Jones, just marketers teaching what they do.

They’re people I know personally so I know what they teach isn’t a scam.

So, you need the social platforms to grow your list, but don’t rely on them.

I’ve been doing most of my writing on Twitter recently. I have a few hooks in Facebook still that I’ll get back to when my Twitter flow is more established.

After that it’ll be getting to grips with YouTube on a bigger scale.

Always keep moving forward, but protect your bases.

I’ll tend to work on a 60:30:10 ratio.

60% things that work and are bringing in the money

30% things that are growing and I have seen some traction on.

10% new stuff that will either go great or blow up into nothing.

That’s a half day per week on experiments.

1.5 days on things that   aren’t profitable yet but will be.

3 days on core business where the money come from now.

There’s another thing I’ve been up to as well

You might notice something new about this email.

This is coming from a new email address.

I’ve decided to keep my list for “The Conversion Co.” just for my 1:1 customers and share any training under my own fledgling personal brand at

There’s quite a list of things I’ve got good at over the years:

The backbone of them all is building and monetising email lists.

Because that’s the backbone, I also got good at some of the linked parts:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Online courses
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • A little bit of traffic generation as well

Not all of these are things I’ve done as The Conversion Co. but I did all of them as “me”. My history is  a lot longer than that of my business, and there are things I can teach that I can’t necessarily do for you.

I figured I should separate the two as there are some things that I’ll be talking about as we progress together that aren’t in the usual realm of an agency and will, frankly, scare the crap out of some middle-managers.

If you’ve no interest in learning about doing these things for yourself, I’d like to ask you a favour.

Please unsubscribe.

Really, I won’t be offended and you’ll be doing me a favour.

It’ll make sure the emails get through to the people who want them.

It’s something I recommend you do with your own list if you haven’t mailed it much.

An email list is like a barrel of apples.

You can see the juicy ones on the top, but at the bottom are ones you’ve not seen in forever, turning the whole batch bad.

If you’re reading this, you’re still a juicy apple, and I’ll be cleaning house on the others soon.

I’m not after a big email list. You won’t see me flexing about how many people are on here.

What I want is people who are actively trying to build up business and who have chosen growing and profiting from an email list as a strategy.

Anyway, that’s enough for today.

If you want the new guide, just opt-in again at using the same email address as you’re using here.

Stephen Pratley
Copy & Conversion Consultant
The Conversion Co.


The “onslaught” of emails over the lats couple of months was really to cull a lot of people who wren’t really interested.

If you want to improve your results I can really recommend it as a way to clear out dead wood and also just spark new ideas.

For every email I write I get at least 2 more ideas.

I’m cutting back to a couple per week, maybe 3, unless I get excited about something time-sensitive.

Thanks for sticking with me.



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