Offer & Conversion Consulting

If you’ve got an offer that relies on your expertise to deliver, but you’re struggling to get traction with it, we should be talking.

I’ve driven traffic to a few hundred expertise offers, either in my agency, or as an affiliate, and I’ve developed a keen eye for where the common holes are in struggling campaigns.

The best way to tap into this experience is a 3-part funnel review:

1. The Campaign Scorecard

You get my onboarding scorecard to see if you’re missing any key elements of the strategy or tactics needed to run a 7 figure funnel.

2. Discovery Call

We’ll spend about 90 minutes reviewing the scorecard results, including:

I’ll also go though the whole funnel to check the funnel flow and the copy at each step.

3. Action Plan

I’ll give you my notes, and a prioritised, actionable plan to get your business engine running at full speed.

This usually involves a few key traffic or conversion opportunities you’re missing, and some recommendations of things to test against your existing campaign.

How to get started:

For the consulting to be worthwhile you need to have an offer in place already.

Give me a few details below, and if it looks like you’re ready, I’ll send a payment link for the consulting and the Scorecard.

If you’re not in a position where I believe yo can 10x your investment with me, I’ll give you a few pointers on what you’re missing, so we can work together in the near future.

Pre-Consult Information

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The current price of the consultation is $500. I agree that I can proceed with this if Stephen believes I can 10x my investment with him by putting his recommendations into action. This agreement is non-binding on either side until payment is made.