Get off the fence and start buying customers.

Another question from one of my Foundation Funnel customers. “My funnel is in place, thanks to your help, and I have a product that is making a bit more than breakeven on my Facebook ads. What do I do now? Start testing and optimising, or scale up the traffic?” Now I know this guy really […]

Weapons Against Distraction – My 5 App Computer

The only 5 apps I left on my wifi-free Chromebook This week I pulled the wifi card out of this Chromebook to help me stay focussed on writing tasks. It trashed the Bluetooth connection as well so away form home the only way to get content on or off it is with a USB memory […]

Using Scorecard Marketing for Lead Generation

What is scorecard marketing? I’m guessing you’ve seen one of the hundreds of pseudo-personality-tests out there on Facebook? What Sex in the City character are you? What superhero would you be? What emotional intelligence score do you have? These are the most basic forms of scorecard marketing. We give a prospect a set of questions […]

It’s not me, it’s EU.

I’m not even going to mention the “G” word today. It’s my least favourite 4-letter word at the moment.   This isn’t one of those Euro-begging letters that have flooded your inbox this week, clawing for your attention like some horny drunk at 3am in a nightclub.   Because, here’s a surprise. It’s all been […]

4 big things that $million-dollar funnels have in place, that you don’t

Have you ever had a funnel fail?   Have you ever spent days, weeks, even months getting together the moving parts?   You’ve got your landing pages, videos, copy and email follow-ups. You’ve spent weeks getting the whole process on point. You’ve followed one of your guru blueprints to the absolute letter, and then the […]