Buying Domain Names

Over the last few weeks I’ve been picking up a few domain names. Some to buy for my own projects, and a couple that I just chanced upon that I’m hoping to resell next year. For a project of my own I’ve just completed the purchase of which I’m building a casinos review/strategy site […]

Google Alerts for Bedroom Bloggers

For a while now I’ve been using Google alerts to keep tabs on the PR generated about clients and competitors. Whilst there were a few flaky results, in general it’s been pretty good as a web-clipping service, especially considering its price. It’s free. Recently Google expanded the reach of the service to cover any mention […]

Micro-Payments for articles – a viable proposition

I was extremely sceptical a few weeks back when told about an articles site selling articles on an individual basis. I think that opinion has just been overturned. Whilst browsing the istockphoto site for some images for a new client site I came across a free article, “What’s the right typeface for text?“. Duly impressed […]

Using article marketing to promote your site

Article Marketing is becoming hot activity for promoting your site. Led as always by the affiliate community, this tactic can help you to: Get articles about your site published on many other sites Get inbound links from pages related to your site subject – helping your search rankings Provide content for your own site if […]

The art of developing advocates

Last night I heard a great talk at an ecademy networking event. It was by Richard White a sales trainer who has developed some great techniques for people who really don’t like selling. He talked about five rules for getting more people to refer you, even if they haven’t done business with you before. After […]