Why I ignore half of what my wife says.

Even when I’m the one asking the questions, I ignore at least half of what my wife says. Yet she’s one of my most valuable research tools. Let me tell you about her, and see if you have someone in your life who can be as valuable. Let me start by saying that I lucked […]

A lie about Italian women’s legs.

If all marketers are liars, then your prospects are worse. They’re not bad people, they just want to be loved.If you’re the one paying them attention you’ll be the one they’ll lie to. Let me show you what I mean. I once had the job of building an ecommerce store for one of the UK’s […]

The Minimum Viable Funnel

I’ve got 2000 social followers and I’m constantly getting people in my DM’s asking for advice. I can’t sell them though because Ive not got a funnel in place. paraphrased from a real trainer, 2019 I had to take a breath before responding to this. My first answer would probably have just created a load […]

Positioning Your Product

Let’s start this assuming you’re read my other posts and that we know our market, and the niche within it we’re trying to serve. We also know the pain we’re trying to solve for them and, I’m assuming, we have the expertise to help them, and a tried and tested formula to get them to […]

Finding Better Markets

A couple of years back, a course teacher approached me with a major problem. He had a best-selling product on the biggest course marketplace that he’d been making a solid $10k a month from, but the marketplace – Udemy – had just changed their pricing policies and screwed things up for him, big time. The […]

How it all started.

If anyone under the age of 50 says they can’t figure out how to run an email campaign, they’re just being idle. Here’s why. My first email campaign went out sometime in 1995. To put that in perspective, the JPEG image format that we use for nearly all photos on the web, that was a […]

My 12 Best Conversion Tips in 2019

There are a million and one things you can tweak and test in any funnel, but from over 2 decades of testing across everything from press ads, direct mail, emails, online ads, landing pages and even phone scripts, here are some universal truths that any business should be able to rely on… Headlines are the […]

Where I got to last year

A while back, I started working on a new project – Win The Day Back – which was meant to show, from the ground up, how a successful online course business can be grown. Truth be told it’s a little slow. That shouldn’t really be a surprise. It’s a side project, not my main sphere […]

Weapons Against Distraction – My 5 App Computer

This week I pulled the wifi card out of this Chromebook to help me stay focussed on writing tasks. It trashed the Bluetooth connection as well so away form home the only way to get content on or off it is with a USB memory stick. Since then I’ve averaged over 2000 words per day, […]