"Career is better as a verb"

CV's are a great way to make someone's life sound as dull as possible, so I wrote down a a few highlights that might be more use to you.

There's a thread that runs through it all, and that's what I want to help you with. 

Build a list, and sell to them.

My "career" has been pretty chaotic, at least until I realised that I'd never be a great employee and began my own businesses.

But looking back, that chaos gave me a breadth of experience that not many people get to see while they're clinging to the career ladder.

Here's how it began...


I left school with no clear idea what I wanted to do, but a business degree seemed to keep my options open. Not something I'd recommend today, but I'm grateful for what it exposed me to in an era before Google.

I lucked out, landing a place at Kingston Business School, one of the few places teaching direct marketing as a discipline.

In the thick of the early 90's recession, the ability to rustle up sales at will landed me my first job running the direct marketing for an educational publisher.


I walked out of a job at a major London agency, and into a role as the UK's first Email Marketing Consultant at an email marketing SaaS business. They weren't even hiring.

We ran email campaigns for EMAP, IPC magazines, Reed Business and plenty of others.

After that business was acquired, I moved to one of the UK's biggest affiliate publishers, building a list of 2 million consumer names and enough profits to attract a €20m exit.

I set up my own agency just ahead of the credit crunch. We survived and eventually sold to a large retail technology group.


I left the agency, and with the arrival of my daughter, I was suddenly less keen to commute 2 hours a day. Instead I started growing online sales for education and software businesses.

Email is still the backbone of every big success.


My reluctance to commute put me ahead of the curve when the pandemic started.

Now I'm helping more businesses to create relationships over email, forge bonds in webinars, share their expertise in online courses, and to leverage their skills with simple technology.

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