Free Email Sales Course: The Nudge

5 Steps to turn an audience of freebie-hunters into hungry buyers for your next product

In 2013 I had to start my email list from scratch, but in a few short weeks I was making better profits than a 10 man agency had.

Instead of giving away “tons of value” and training my readers to expect everything for free, I took 5 small actions that together created a perfect buying environment for my new offers.

I want you to start your online business in the right direction, so this free 5 step course will teach you how I did it…

  • How to pick a free lead magnet that will attract the right kind of customer
  • How to deliver your free content to get more traction and get your prospect better results
  • The extra “day one” email that will fire up your customer engagement forever
  • The perfect balance of when to tell and when to sell.