I help your business meet challenging KPI’s with your traffic budget.

Here’s how.


Getting someone who has never heard of you, to start doing business with you.

Online, that means the art & science of turning traffic into sales.

It might be making an appointment, it might be getting out their credit card. It’s something concrete that takes them a big step towards being a customer.

Unless you’re selling a commodity, it rarely happens in one step.

Conversion is a process of education for your lead. Educating them that you are the right solution to their problem. Educating them on the need to act now.

A process.

Not one step. Not one landing page, not one email.

Even for a tiny purchase a typical consumer will need 6 contacts with you before they’ll even consider doing business.

“6 ’til it clicks” as an old mentor of mine once said.

In some markets it can take as much as 8 hours consuming your content before they’ll buy. Emails, video, ebooks, tweets. It all needs to add up.

And it needs to add up quickly before they get to your competitor.

That’s where I come in.

I start with the strategy. Really dialling in on who we are talking to, what their problem is, and what they need to believe before they will buy from you.

I also look at the noise of the market. What are your competitors telling them. What are their friends & colleagues telling them?

Then I move onto the messaging and content. What are we going to create to help get them across each little hurdle on the way to becoming a customer.

After that it’s distribution. Where are they going to find this content? On Google? From your emails? In a meeting?

Then I start building out the stepping stones from their first contact with you, to doing business.

That might start with an advert, go to a landing page, show them some video, invite them to a webinar, send emails, snail mail, maybe schedule a call or a meeting. The permutations are endless, but I’ll boil it all down to a simple journey.

Lastly I’ll make sure you have a good grip on the numbers. Your conversion rates. Your costs per click, per lead, per sale. Your customer lifetime value.

That way I can spot weak points and put tests in place to keep moving the profits up and the costs down. Together we can keep doing that forever.

If you’re like most businesses out there, having to move to tighter and tighter costs of customer acquisition, and doing it against ever-rising media costs, we should be in the same room.

Get in touch and let’s start talking.