Monday morning and the blank page awaits

I have a little routine on Mondays that helps me ease my way into the week.

Sunday night I do a little brain dump of the things I'd like to get done by the end of the week.

It's usually way to long, so I sleep on it, then first thing Monday I plot the biggest items into spaces in my calendar, so that by Friday I know I've knocked off at least 3 big things to move the business forward.

I do this in a cafe in our village where there is no wifi and the mobile signal is sketchy at best. It's the one job I use a paper planner and pencil for – absolutely no distractions.

Then I sit down to write an email for my list.

Except today it wasn't really happening.

A second coffee didn't help so I walked back to my office, realised I'd forgotten my keys, walked the mile round trip back to the cafe and by the time I got home I had 15 minutes left before the next task of the day was due to start.

But by then I had a plan.

My consolation to myself was that at least any new sign-ups to my list would be being taken care of by an automated campaign I wrote months ago.

5 emails that bring any new people into the fold so when they start getting my “live” emails, they know what to expect.

It's the number one thing I recommend that anyone with a business new or old does. The best “set and forget” marketing asset you'll ever build.

It's so important I pulled together the email outlines in a little course that's available on Udemy, and to help make the decision a no-brainer, I've put it on half price for my existing list members, just for today.

Go get it here…

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