Introducing the Foundation Funnel

Overwhelmed by the complicated funnels the gurus tell you you need? Start here, start quickly and start with a solid foundation for your online marketing.

Getting started

Step 1 – Download the flowchart (PDF, no opt-in needed)

The Foundation Funnel Flowchart

Step 2 – Watch the walkthrough video

Step 3 – Assemble the toolkit

The Toolkit

This is the exact set of tools I use to start building the marketing funnel for any new course or product.

There are more premium products that can be added later if needed, but this set will get you through your first few thousand dollars in revenue quite easily. By then you’ll know what to invest in next.


The backbone of our marketing. We use this to host landing pages for paid traffic, sales pages with our “lead magnets”, blog posts for SEO and social media and a fair few other things as we expand the funnel.

Don;t mess about with hosted CMS sites like Squarespace and Wix, get started using a platform you can grow with. The learning curve is worth it.


Thinkific handles payments, member details and holds all our course video content.

It starts off with no monthly cost, but takes 10% of sales. As you expand you can pay a monthly fee, get more features and keep that commission.

Nexcess Hosting (from $11.95/month)

There are thousands of hosting companies who can host WordPress for you. I’ve used these guys for years and their support is excellent at a very reasonable cost.

Thrive Leads ($67)

The only WordPress plugin I can’t live without.

Thrive turns any website or blog into an email list building engine, with all the data you need to test and grow as you develop the business.

ActiveCampaign ($9/month. 14 day trial)

I’m still astonished how cheap this is. The $9 per month gives you as much marketing power as tools I’ve seen cost ing 30x the price.

It’s a “real” marketing automation tool (don’t be fooled by the basic features that tools like Mailchimp call “automation”.

Loads of integrations with other tools, amazing flexibility to send the exact message at the exact time for your customer, wherever they are in your sales cycle.

Screencastify ($24/year)

Super low cost screen capture tool for video sales letters and presentations.

I particularly love how quickly the videos it takes can be shared on Google Drive and Youtube

You can also use Quicktime for free on a Mac.

Google Slides

Free alternative to Powerpoint, available with any gmail account.

Don’t worry about the lack of snazzy features & animations, focus on the content and make more sales


For most videos, Youtube is a great option, but for your sales videos you want something without all the adverts & branding.

Wistia’s basic free option will give you that for a reasonable volume of traffic.


Needed to take credit card payments online. Simpler, and much lower fees than Paypal


Amazing free tool for creating banners, video thumbnails, social media posts, infographics and even entire PDF ebooks

Your expensive designer will hate it!

Putting it all together

I’ve put together a course with a complete click-by-click demonstration of me building out an example funnel in under an hour.

If you want to get started quickly, this is definitely the place to start.

The Foundation Funnel Video Training

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