Zapier on Automating Lead Generation

This is a great post form Zapier on automating your lead generation processes: Zapier is a great service which we use throughout our own campaigns to link up forms, CRM tools, email marketing systems, payment solutions and more. What used to cost thousands in development time can now be accomplished in a few clicks. […]

ActiveCampaign announce campaign sharing

ActiveCampaign have just announced that you can now share automations between accounts, so what does that mean for your  business ? The idea is not a new one. Both InfusionSoft and ClickFunnels offer similar functionality but bringing it into a tool which has such a low entry point as ActiveCampaign makes a big difference to the […]

Great “Under The Hood” Email Campaign by Vertical Leap

Search agencies have something of a reputation problem. It’s an industry that is frankly overrun with cowboys. People promising the earth, then making off with your money and leaving your site in a worse position than it was before. I worked in the sector for a while I used to get really frustrated at how […]

How to squeeze more leads from your advertising campaigns

Wasn’t this easier a few years back? Not so long ago you could easily throw up a landing page, do some rough and ready SEO, or point some cheap Adwords traffic at the page and you’d have as many leads as you could handle. If you’ve seen your advertising slide,  if you’ve seen costs go up […]

VB Index report: Top 10 Marketing Automation companies

This huge survey of over 1,000 marketing automation software users brings back some surprising insights into how marketing automation is really deployed in a variety of businesses. A must-read for anyone involved in selecting or implementing these systems.  

Using standard ad blocks in website designs

Having just splashed out on a ‘professional’ site design for a new reviews blog, I’ve just spent the best part of half a day re-jigging it to allow me to easily pick up ads from a variety of ad and affiliate networks. I’m suffering a little from the Catch 22 of niche sites. Niches are […]

What to do if someone nicks your blog content

Blogs and their ability to syndicate out content are a double-edged sword. On the one hand it means your blog can be shown on other sites and get to a bigger audience. For example, excerpts from this blog and many others are also shown on Affiliates4U and some other sites, and I get plenty of […]

How to use Video with an email campaign

Using video online is an excellent way to capture the imagination of your readers and get your message across. I first used it on a Britsh Heart Foundation Fndraising campaign in 2002 and got some excellent results. However, including any sort of gizmos in emails is fraught with problems, and many email clients and coprporate […]

Building your email marketing list

It might seem like we’re approaching the process of email marketing somewhat arse-about-face, but there is a method in it. Last week we identified the sectors we want to market to, and thought about how many offers there are available in that market, and we picked the system we are going to use to send […]