Blog tagged! 8 Things you didn’t know about me

…and probably don’t care Kieron tagged me in an ongoing game that seems to be expanding, last time I saw it it was just 5 things, so I’ll have to put my thinking hat on. “Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the […]

Affiliate Marketing or Merchant Marketing?

At last week’s Affiliate Summit in Miami, David Hall – Communications Director of Affiliate Window – stood up in front of a room full of top performing affiliates and admitted that the UK affiliate market was “merchant centric” in comparison to the US, and that he’d be taking a lot back from the US experience. […]

Back from Affiliate Summit Miami 2007

Now I’ve had a chance to get over the jetlag, read through my notes and make some sense of it all I thought I’d jot down a few points that might help anyone planning on attending one of these events in the future. My Summit Objectives My main objectives, scribbled down on the plane on […]

Affiliate Summit Miami – Day 1, part 1

Ok, this will be pretty short as it’s a pretty crammed day, and going to a be a crammed night also, it’s 6pm and there are 2 networking events and a domain auction to go still. I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of what I’ve seen today. After comments from […]

Get more money out of Directtrack networks.

I’ve just read through another post about network payment problems, this time by John Lammerton. It seems to be a particular problem with Directtrack driven networks, of which a large handful have cropped up in the UK in the last couple of years. For those affiliates who haven’t seen the network side of Directtrack, you […]

Creating affiliate sites using Joomla

I’ve just a really great article by Kieron Donoghue about the evolution of PPC landing pages from single page gateways into fully fledged content sites to comply with Google’s Quality Score I thought I’d pull together some Of the components of the open source Content management system Joomla, that will help you build a site […]

Redesigning your blog? 5 things to consider.

I just saw a post on Kieron Donoghue’s affiliate marketing blog that he’s going through a redesign at the same time as moving from Blogger to WordPress. Kieron’s old design was the classic Blogger template, you can see it here at I actually kind of liked it, nice and uncluttered and it let the […]

I found the key to $400 CPM from AdSense Revenues

I’ve been looking at some new ways of building very niche, often local, sites that convert well in less competitive areas of SEO and PPC. The original research stared when I began work with a local commercial mortgage broker who turned white when I showed him what the top guys were paying for terms in […]

London 2012, I won’t be buying the T-shirt

This is the monstrosity that has just been unveiled as the London 2012 logo, a fragmented bit of chaos with no discernible meaning to it. The BBC announcement of the new design has already been flooded with over 300 comments, none of them positive, and the downing street petition site has been hammered all morning […]

Google to buy Feedburner

Google is reportedly looking at buying Feedburner for a reputed $100m dollar as an route to get in on the growing RSS feed advertising business. RSS is a way of pushing out the content from blogs and other news-driven websites onto other sites, or RSS readers, a little like email readers. This is a great […]