How to attract affiliates in retail

This isn’t just a pretty picture to get my blog readership up, this is part of the fashion show that Tights Please organised for last weekend’s Affiliate Future Performance Booster. It was by far the most professional, and effective way of showing off a merchant’s wares I’ve seen at an affiliate event so far, and […]

Getting the best out of cashback sites

The growth of the cashback sector in UK affiliate marketing has caused a few ripples, and a lot of false assumptions about this method of marketing, so I thought I’d post a few notes to merchants from someone who has seen both sides of the fence and seen what works and what doesn’t – me! […]

Thank You’s for the Webgains Golf Day

A big thanks to Webgains for organising the affiliate golf day that went on yesterday. I’ve never done a ‘corporate’ golf day before and have always considered them to be a bit of a jolly. However, I picked up some good tips about new niches from Derek, one of the Webgains account managers, and traded […]

TradeTracker launches affiliate network into UK

In the last few weeks Shine Marketing has begun working with – a long haul adventure holidays operator – on the launch of their UK Affiliate programme. The Programme has been extremely successful in the Netherlands with TradeTracker and will be the first UK programme in the new European version of the network. The […]

Million Dollar ideas

This is quite old, but so worth sharing… I just found this blog post about a guy who bought some pixels on the Million Dollar Homepage. Nothing special there, some would say that’s the opposite of genius. The clever bit is, that rather than putting up an ad, he put up a picture of Waldo, […]

Malcolm Cowley talks about’s move into the US

Mal has given an interview to  Webmaster Radio which you can listen to online. The interview talks about’s expansion in to the US market, and talks about some of his impressions of the US market following the Affiliate Summit. As usual, Mal is enormously enthusiastic, pulls no punches on what it takes for a […]

Blog tagged! 8 Things you didn’t know about me

…and probably don’t care Kieron tagged me in an ongoing game that seems to be expanding, last time I saw it it was just 5 things, so I’ll have to put my thinking hat on. “Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the […]

Affiliate Marketing or Merchant Marketing?

At last week’s Affiliate Summit in Miami, David Hall – Communications Director of Affiliate Window – stood up in front of a room full of top performing affiliates and admitted that the UK affiliate market was “merchant centric” in comparison to the US, and that he’d be taking a lot back from the US experience. […]

Back from Affiliate Summit Miami 2007

Now I’ve had a chance to get over the jetlag, read through my notes and make some sense of it all I thought I’d jot down a few points that might help anyone planning on attending one of these events in the future. My Summit Objectives My main objectives, scribbled down on the plane on […]

Affiliate Summit Miami – Day 1, part 1

Ok, this will be pretty short as it’s a pretty crammed day, and going to a be a crammed night also, it’s 6pm and there are 2 networking events and a domain auction to go still. I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of what I’ve seen today. After comments from […]