A surprising split test on mobile page design

For anyone who doubts the worth of testing new designs on their website or emails, take a look at this test from “Which Test Won” I’m probably givingthe game away when I admit that: A) I got it wrong B) So did the majority of other people – most of whom are marketing “pro’s” like […]

Spare some change sir?

A sad, and unfortunately common question in most major cities, but one that misses a principle that you as a marketer are probably making as well. If you’re trying to get leads from your website, what you ask for, how you ask for it and when you ask for it can all make a big […]

The Art of Cold Email

Don’t confuse cold email approaches with spam. A well-researched contact with a good reason that the recipient should respond is a great door opener. More cost-effective than mail, less intrusive than a cold phone call, more impactful than a social media connection. If you are dealing with smaller numbers of high-value contracts, this should certainly […]

The Psychology Of Cold Email Prospecting

Cold emails are an absolute no-no in bulk email marketing, but in B2B sales they can be as much of a necessity as cold-calling, and when used correctly, are usually way more effective in opening doors. Yesware, a tool that shows when your personal emails are opened and responded to in the same way as […]

How Office 365’s Clutter Tab will affect B2B email marketing

Microsoft have followed in Gmail’s footsteps by moving their users promotional emails into a separate folder, away from their day-to-day personal emails. Office 365 is mostly used for work purposes at businesses from one-man-bands to large corporates, so the impact is likely to be felt most by B2B marketers. This great post by Email on […]