Get off the fence and start buying customers.

Another question from one of my Foundation Funnel customers. “My funnel is in place, thanks to your help, and I have a product that is making a bit more than breakeven on my Facebook ads. What do I do now? Start testing and optimising, or scale up the traffic?” Now I know this guy really […]

When to make a 1% change

Yesterday I talked about things that go wrong as you scale. Million to one shots that happen every month, for better or worse. Today I want to talk about things that are already wrong, and when to fix them. I just brought in an intern on a job after he pitched me with a big […]

When the one in a million shot happens every month.

One day a few days after I started a new job a rather irate man turned up at our office carrying the door off a large oven, demanding that he speak to a lady called Linda Carter who he swore had promised we would repair it. Which was a bit odd as we were a […]

Royalty, or the girl next door?

A couple of days back I had one of those “can’t believe I’ve never seen this” moments when a friend introduced me to a concept in branding that was completely new to me. Now by and large I’m not a branding guy. My one job that involved any brand fluffery was running Hasbro’s Action Man […]

Would a fireman give you an ebook?

A lot of copywriters talk about “burning house problems”. The gist of it is that you want to be targeting people who have a problem that is as serious as a burning house, something they absolutely have to act on right now or they’re going to be in a world of pain. The reality is […]

The 4 point empathy map of a billion dollar newsletter business

One of my favourite podcasts is Kevin Roger’s The Truth about Marketing, and this has to be my favourite episode of all. In it, Mark Ford,  founder of Agora Publishing drops an absolute gold-crusted pearl of wisdom about the knowledge you should have about your market before staring on even creating a product, let alone […]

An orangutan’s lesson in pitching

My mother was a teacher, and then a college principal. Her college was in the same small town where I went to school and most days I would walk up the road to meet her and get a lift home. Invariably, she’d get collared by someone as she was trying to leave and I’d be […]